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The Doodle Doc
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You long to feel connected with those you love.

The people that matter the most to you… your partner, your children, your parents, your friends.

Deep connection begins by first embracing who you truly are and then looking towards those important relationships.


We're all the same really, we just get stuck in different ways.

Pema Chodron


Our hard-wired survivalist brains are desperately trying to save us from discomfort, rejection, or worse yet, abandonment or extinction. Learning to slow ourselves down, long enough, to listen to what is going on inside, is the key to cultivating a new way of relating. This new way of relating will help you not only with your family, professional and social life, it will help you relate to the most important person in your life, yourself.

Learning to use your body & emotions as a barometer will set you free!


Why did you start to doodle, doc?

The short answer is: I began doodling in an effort to help myself over an awkward hump of learning how to be the Mom of Adult Children. You see my son had just returned to California after attending college in New York for 5 years. The transition “home” was a difficult one and I found myself struggling in ways I hadn’t for a very long time. I knew my attachment wounds had been tapped into and I was mindfully attempting to ground myself, ANYWAY I COULD! With art I was trying to find a way to re-connect with my adult son and at the same time continue my own personal growth. (ok… not such a short answer!)


I found that by doodling I helped myself, and others, in ways I never could have expected:

  • New personal insights have emerged

  • My understanding of material I researched has deepened

  • My creativity in session with clients blossomed

  • I become more vulnerable in my group intensives, leading to deeper connectedness all around

  • I felt less restrictive in my thinking and in my life

  • My writing has expanded

  • and on, and on, and on…

    What is Doodle to Connect?

    Doodle to Connect is an embodied processing system that can help you learn to start to BE with yourself or return to yourself if you’ve been feeling lost.

    Doodle to Connect has helped me to learn to process information differently, look at my memories in a more holistic way, and connect with those important to me in a deeper manner.

    I know you may be asking yourself? How can drawing shapes or stick figures really help me with my relationships? My work life? My insecurities? My past traumas?

    Doodle to Connect works because when we allow ourselves a different way to explore a “problem,” alternate solutions present themselves. For just a few moments a day, we are letting go of our thinking, analyzing, left brain and inviting in our intuitive, creative right brain to help out with the figuring. Artists, actors, writers, dancers, and many creatives before us have felt this shift and allowed their internal wisdom to rise forward. That is really all we are doing. Giving ourselves a little space and time, to slow our thinking, and listen inside.

    Download my free 8 page Doodle to Connect booklet to begin!

Disclaimer: This website is provided for educational and artistic purposes only. Participating with this material does not constitute a professional therapeutic relationship with Dr. Trish Phillips, PsyD.