The Doodle Doc
The Doodle Doc

Doodle to Connect

Doodle to Connect is a process I started in an effort to find continued emotional and spiritual growth. A frustrated writer, I began drawing, as a means to convey the ideas of my heart’s work as a trauma therapist, interpersonal neurobiology, mindfulness and attachment researcher, and overall believer in the importance of all things relational. The Doodle journey can be found @thedoodledoc on Instagram

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Tandy and the Girl

Tandy, the wise fox, helps the girl with her thoughts and feelings so she doesn’t feel alone. Follow their tales and feel your heart connect.

As we open up and work to accept our feelings, the different parts inside of us begin to flow and work together. Integration of body and mind heals us.



The doodles share about the importance of checking in with ourselves, reflection, slowing down, and breathing. As we listen to ourselves and slow our minds down, our creativity and depth of self-awareness grows.

Allow your intuition to grow as you increase your sense of balance and peace through mindfulness.



As humans we are born to connect. Those connections can be jeopardized or broken due to difficult early relationships. In other words, we learn how to relate to others from our first relationships. Consequently we learn patterns and we repeat those patterns until we resolve early issues. We gauge our wellness based on our relationship health. The doodles offer some relational/emotional insights for your journey.